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Support Brooklyn Frontiers

What is Brooklyn Frontiers?  

Brooklyn Frontiers High School (BFHS) serves first-time ninth graders who have been held back at least twice in elementary and/ or middle school.  BFHS also serves students who have attended high school for at least one year and are looking for a fresh start and a new opportunity to earn their high school diploma.  All students, regardless of their past experiences in school, can be successful.  BFHS is designed to help students get back on track and to graduate ready for college and careers.

Why is BFHS fundraising? 

Fundraising is an essential to helping BFHS cover the costs of many of its activities, including: the senior trip, senior night/prom, all Culture Club trips, Environmental Club, after school activities (such as Women’s Group events), and other various activities throughout the year.

Here is a video of Brooklyn Frontiers students discussing their experiences at Brooklyn Frontiers:

BFHS 6th Annual Fundraiser

March 21, 2020


Buttermilk Bar

577 5th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Would you like to donate but can’t come to the fundraiser?   Click here:

go fund me